Ananta ratna prabhavasya yasya Hime na saubhagya vilopi jaatam |
Eko hi dosho guna sannipaate Nimajjatindoho kiraneshvivaankah ||

We now proceed to the next mathematical observation by Dr. Kannan in Kumarasambhavam. There are more observations that he mentioned but has not been included in these notes.

Second Mathematical Finding:
Pra bha va sya
2 4 4 1

Right to left – 1442 — (3)
Adding (1) & (3) we get
= 1442 + 2600/9999

= 14418558 + 2600/9999

= 14421158/9999

Numerator is 1 4 4 2 1 1 5 8 and in the table is 1 4 4 2 1 1 8 5

pra bha va sya ya sya hi me
2 4 4 1 1 1 8 5

Vilopi means reverse order. 53 becomes 35 when expressed in hexadecimal number system (here the rule of hexadecimal number system is hinted. Only the genius ones like Dr. Kannan can read between these lines). And 53 is the only number like that the digits of which gets interchanged when converted to hexadecimal number system. This is the same thing happening in the case of 58, it has become 85; “and that is my only mistake (Eko hi doshah)” admits Kalidasa in the next line.

ey ko hi do sho
0 1 8 8 6

Eko hi doshah – There is only one mistake (at the place of hi – 8) in the earlier explanation (where 85 becomes 58 in the numerator)

gu na sa nni pa te
3 5 7 0 1 6
6 1 0 7 5 3

Numbers right to left – 6 1 0 7 5 3

Divide 53 by 16, we get Quotient as 3 and Remainder as 5. So, 53 in hexadecimal number is 35.
First Astronomical Finding:

Eko hi doshah – There is only one mistake (at the place of hi – 8) in the earlier explanation (where 85 becomes 58 in the numerator)

do sho gu na
8 6 3 5
Writing the number right to left we get 5368. Here too, 5 should be in the place of 8. Now 368 becomes 365 which is the number of days in a year.

Second Astronomical Finding:
ni ma jja ti
0 5 8 6
Writing the number right to left we get 6850. Again, eko hi doshah, 5 should be in the place of 8. Hence, the number becomes 6580* which is approximately equal to the SAROS CYCLE. Saros Cycle in astronomy is an 18-year period after which the stars’ get back to the position which it attained 18 years & 10 days before. That is why, our date of birth and star of birth (according to lunar Hindu calendar) fall on the same day at every 19 years.
The calculation is 6580 days = 365 days x 18 years + 10 days. In some cases, we find that the date of birth and star of birth come in one day of difference, there we have to add 11 instead of 10 which is because it falls on a leap year**.

The above interesting observations were the result of contemplation and interpretation by Dr. Kannan. After the day’s session, three of us went to meet him to ask a few doubts. One of the doubts was, “Did Kalidasa write the poem keeping the Mathematical & Astronomical facts in mind? Because, that was too hard to believe.” Dr. Kannan’s answer was interesting and convincing to us. He said, “Ordinary people think and they speak, only then it makes sense. In the case of great visionaries, due to their greatness, whatever they speak will contain thousand meanings. The way different people see it, according to it, the people will interpret different meanings from it.” Kalidasa was a great poet. Owing to the greatness of the poet, Sanskrit language, Katapayadi number system, etc., these meanings are interpreted by Dr. Kannan. Interpretations of different people can be right only when it is true in all angles. The sole intention of this article was for the readers to have a delight and look at the wonderful way in which Dr. Kannan looked at Kumarasambhava.

* The number 6580 for SAROS Cycle is according to the Hindu calendar and might change depending in other non-Hindu calendars.
** This explanation was rapidly noted down while taking notes. The writer he does not have more clarity on the topic. Hence, it’s suggested that this article be taken only as an interesting one to read and not to study in detail.