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VEDIC MATHRIX, unlocking the code | 4th Annual Residential Camp

CIF and School of Vedic Maths are happy to announce the Annual Residential camp on Mathematics for the fourth consecutive year.

VEDIC MATHRIX, unlocking the code – A camp where Mathematics is a lot different than what you saw in school….where Mathematics is discussed, debated and learnt through a variety of activities.

Eligibility: 13 years or above, and a love for Mathematics.

Come and experience it for yourself this time!

Click on the below link for a video of our earlier camps:

Vedic Mathrix, unlocking the code


Report on ‘RAISING A MATHEMATICIAN’ – an interschool contest on Mathematics

Times of India Students’ Edition – NIE (Newspaper In Education) dated 22nd Jan 2013 featured an article on the interschool contest we held on Mathematics, RAISING A MATHEMATICIAN, as part of celebrating the 125th birthday of Srinivasa Ramanujan on 22nd Dec 2012

Newspaper report