22nd December marks the birth anniversary of the the world famous Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. The week of 14th is being celebrated as Ganit week. We too are celebrating but with a slight difference. This time we are not getting into hardcore Mathematics but we are doing a thinking around Mathematics through Essay Writing.

You may choose to write on one or more of the below topics and send it in this format Essay Contest 2014 to contact@sovm.org latest by 18th Dec 2014

1. What made Srinivasa Ramanujan a very great Mathematician?
2. The Mathematics teacher who changed my life.
3. If you were a Mathematics teacher, how would differently would you teach Mathematics?
4. List down some options where a Mathematics-lover can make a career doing something related with Mathematics (Teaching profession is not included).

The best three essays will be featured in our blog and few other blogs, on our website, on our facebook pages and we’ll also try to get it featured in some e-magazines.

So, what are you waiting for? Take out your pen and let the creative writer in you come out.tribute_to_srinivasa_ramanujan