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Vedic Maths in Bhopal

26th May to 1st June 2016

A 6-day non-residential workshop on Vedic Maths for school & college students, parents and teachers in Bhopal. For registrations, contact the details on the flyer.

Vedic Maths @ Bhopal


Simpli5 – a Maths camp near Pune

Simpli5 is a 5-day residential camp near Pune on Magic Squares.

Magic Squares is one of the most interesting topics in the history of Mathematics for the young and old. Among different civilisations, Indians were the ones who had contributed to a great extent to the subject. During this 5-day residential camp ‘Simpli5’ we will be taking a peep into the history and a peek into the future where this topic from recreational mathematics can be applied in areas like Cryptography and Computer Programming. Ancient coding systems like Katapayadi and Bhuta Sankhya would also be discussed which will help decipher various Sanskrit cryptic verses.

Come, unveil the mystery behind Magic Squares! For more details and registrations, click on the below flyer.


Vedic Maths camp in Pune

Vedic Mathematics is an excellent tool for developing interest towards numbers and enable faster calculations. In this camp, the students will get to explore the subject through pattern-observation, group discussions, games and puzzles.

Registrations limited to 35 participants. For more details and registrations, click on the below flyer.

Vedic Maths @ Mauli